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What would happen if I torched all my tech?

As a baby boomer, I am old enough to remember life before cell phones, WiFI, computers, even electric typewriters. Like taking a drug or some kind of medication, there is always a side effect or downside to the benefits of using these so-called life-saving inventions. Five of my tech devices crapped out this week. The inconvenience and stress associated with sorting out the problems are…

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Instagram is spying on my love life

I have recently decided to join the twenty-first century and dabble in Instagram, and quite honestly, I wish I had never started. I rarely share personal information or pictures on Facebook or IG. I only signed on to hopefully expand the readership of my blog, BoomerBroadcast and covertly snoop on other people. Instagram and Facebook have now become my prime sources of fashion inspiration since…

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Work friendships: relationships that keep on giving

An article in the Sunday New York Times by Emma Goldberg titled The Magic of Your First Work Friends struck a chord with me as I was reading about how intense and long-lasting these friendships may become. What starts out as sharing a workplace can evolve into a friendship more enduring and fulfilling than we ever envisioned. There is a reason I have strong opinions on…

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