Running my own soda fountain

A friend recently gifted us with a SodaSteam machine and it has turned out to be something I use every day and really enjoy having. I’d been eyeing them for

Wasn't sure if I would like it and now wouldn't be without it.
Wasn’t sure if I would like it and now wouldn’t be without it.

some time in stores and questioned the financial benefit of buying such a contraption but when it was given to us as a gift the decision-making was solved. The kit came with the counter unit, a small replaceable CO² tank, a bottle and some flavour pouches. It’s available at Hudson’s Bay, Walmart and other retail stores, along with refill gas cannisters.

Basically, all you do is fill the water bottle from your kitchen tap or fridge dispenser, insert the bottle into the neck of the unit, push the gas dispenser and release the bottle. Then you can add flavour if you wish. I tried the cola and fruit flavoured pouches that came with the kit and didn’t care for the taste but that’s a personal choice. I much prefer the nice clean carbonated water alone but sometimes I add a splash of cranberry juice, lemon or a bit of my lovely Mighty Leaf Tropical Green Tea to the carbonated water.

I give this gizmo two thumbs up as it saves me buying bottles of San Pellegrino mineral water with my groceries. I don’t have to haul bottles home and recycle them afterward. I just keep refilling the SodaStream bottles. And I always have fresh carbonated water. Thanks, Cheryl.

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