Best storage for eyeglasses and sunglasses

Most boomers wear eyeglasses and we certainly all have sunglasses. It’s my belief that if you have to wear glasses, then make a statement with them. Therefore, I have a selection of funky everyday and reading glasses to coordinate with what I’m wearing. Eye glasses are much cheaper in the United States so when I’m there I take my subscription into a local retailer who’s having a special promotion and I load up.

That means I need an easy storage solution that protects them and at the same time makes the various styles and colours easily visible for selection without having to open various opaque hard cases.

I’ve found the perfect acrylic storage boxes. I bought two and stack them. Each container has three drawers with three sections in each drawer, so that’s nine pairs per cube x 2 = 18 which is more than enough for glasses and sunglasses. Love, love, love them.

Although I don’t use these cubes for jewelry storage, I can see where they’d also be great for keeping necklaces from getting tangled. And they’re only $12.89 (U.S.) each with free shipping if you have Amazon Prime.

To order these acrylic storage cases from Amazon, click here. (Disclosure: You will get Amazon’s best price and I might get a teeny, tiny commission if you use this link.)