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Boarding the last plane to Paris

Considering my age and the nightmare involved with airports and international travelling these days, I’m thinking my trip in June to attend a writers’ retreat in Paris may have been my last trip abroad. It would be lovely if this proved to be wrong but as it becomes increasingly more difficult to negotiate the endless lineups, security checks, customs, flight delays, lost luggage, and other…

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A new novel by Miriam Toews is always a reason to celebrate

Canadian authors, particularly female authors, have a unique voice that is always such a pleasure to read, even when the subject matter is not exactly uplifting. Miriam Toews deserves to be heralded right up there with the Margaret Atwoods of our country because her work is guaranteed to touch the hearts and minds of Canadian women. It isn’t just the geographical references or the idiom…

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Gossip fiends will love The Palace Papers by Tina Brown

Author Tina Brown has exceptionally strong credentials so the information about the royal family contained in her new book The Palace Papers: Inside The House of Windsor, The Truth and The Turmoil must be true. Right? As a former magazine editor as well as a friend and confidante of dozens, even hundreds of famous people, Brown is well-qualified to dish the dirt on the Royal…

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