City of Women describes Berlin in WW2

We know all Germans were not Nazis during the Second World War. Given the choice the average person would never chose war; John Lennon had it right when he suggested putting all the politicians in a boxing ring and let them duke it out amongst themselves which I think is a marvelous idea. City of Women by David Gillham is a fictional account of one woman's struggle to maintain a degree of normalcy in the midst of the horrors of living in Berlin under Hitler. Sigrid Schröder has a boring…

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Catherine Gildiner’s new book is a solid “10”

Coming Ashore is the third installment in Catherine Gildiner's autobiographical series and anyone who requires three volumes to cover her life up to age twenty-five has obviously lived a more interesting life than mine. Boomer Broads will love her books. I guarantee it. The first book, a best seller, Too Close to The Falls covers her life as a young girl growing up in the fifties in Lewiston, New York. As the precocious daughter and only child of a pharmacist father and a mother who never cooked a meal, Cathy…

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I know somebody who knows somebody who’s a somebody

There's an old song from 1927, "I've danced with a man who's danced with a girl who's danced with The Prince of Wales"? I can make a similar claim, although several degrees removed from The Prince of Wales. My friend MaryAnne's nephew is Brad Goreski, a stylist-to-the-stars and TV personality who is joining The Fashion Police beginning January 11th. Brad grew up in Port Perry, Ontario and still has that small-town charm and Canadian sensibility, except when it comes to his fashion sense where he's over-the-top. Leaving Port Perry for…

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Two views of “Unbroken”

Movie versions of great books are usually not as good as the book. A two-hour movie cannot always capture the nuances of feelings or the descriptive words and phrases in the same way that make the book so engrossing, or the amount of detail required to truly tell the story. Last week we went to see the movie "Unbroken" and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Perhaps it was because I had read the book by Laura Hillenbrand about a year ago and found the story of Louie Zamperini…

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From Russia with love and deception

My interest in Russia and its people probably began when I first viewed Dr. Zhivago in English with Dutch subtitles in an Amsterdam movie theatre in October 1967. The music was haunting. The history is stark, brutal and complex. So, when I heard Peter Pomerantsev, author of Nothing is True and Everything is Possible: The Surreal Heart of the New Russia being interviewed by Judith Regan on Sirius Radio I immediately downloaded the book onto my Kindle. Pomerantsev was born in Russia and moved to England as a child with…

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For a look inside the life of sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll, read on . .

Caitlin Moran's books aren't for everyone. Moran is a British columnist, interviewer and broadcaster who authored How To Be A Woman, an account of her life growing up in the Midlands in northern England. She dropped out of high school and became a rock music critic in London. Her latest fictional book entitled How to Build a Girl draws heavily on this background of working class family with many children. This book is not for the squeamish. Moran's main character, Johanna Morrigan is an exceptionally precocious overweight fourteen-year-old who uses…

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