Gotham Steel’s pasta pot is really cookin’

I’ve always wanted a pasta pot that eliminated the need for a separate colander for straining the liquid, then transferring the food back into the pot for final preparation. Gotham Steel’s pasta pot has holes in the apron of the lid that line up with a drain spout and when the handles are rotated into the lock position, the water can be safely and cleanly drained off. The price was only $29.95 plus shipping and as a special bonus I would receive a 9.5-inch frying pan for an additional $6.95 shipping charge. At that price I figured it was definitely worth a try so I went on line to order and for an extra $5.00 I upgraded the pasta pot from four-litre to five-litre. Bigger is usually better when preparing pasta. Both pieces and shipping came to less than $50.00.

Gotham Steel’s cookware is one of my new most favourite things.

A week later the bounty arrived at my front door and I was anxious to try it out so our menu that night was spaghetti. We boiled the pasta and when it was done, locked the lid into place and easy peasey, drained the liquid. Then, I added the prepared hot pasta sauce (I keep portions of home-made spaghetti sauce in the freezer) into the same pot, stirred everything together and bam! It worked. And I love it. Actually, I should credit my honey as he’s the superior spaghetti cooker in our family. The surface of the pan is slick as silk and doesn’t have the same sticky, porous feel as early Teflon pans. It’s easy to wash clean and I’m thrilled with both the five-litre pasta pot and the 9-inch frying pan.

Just wanted to share this with Boomerbroadcast readers. I absolutely do not get any commission or kickback for promoting this cookware. I just like it and that’s a fact. Some pieces are available at Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond but at a higher price. Here’s a link to their website if you want to order.