About Me

When I retired several years ago as Marketing Manager for a multi-billion dollar international construction corporation, I was simultaneously thrilled to finally be the manager of my own time, but also faced with the prospect of what to do with all that time.

Lynda Davis

Originally, I thought I’d write a book of business advice for young women, something to help them and avoid some of the mistakes I’d made over the years. The book never materialized but the combined factors of needing a creative outlet and being unable to keep my strong opinions to myself, blogging seemed like the ideal solution. I could provide advice and espouse my opinions on everything of interest to my particular demographic—baby boomer women. BoomerBroadcast was born.

Baby boomers have become increasingly invisible as we’ve aged. The fashion industry, although making marginal improvements, basically ignores us. Despite having a bit of a problem identifying with the term “senior citizen”, we’re realizing the importance of making our voices heard in matters related to pensions and financial planning, living accommodations, current events, and health care. And, we’re still interested in fashion and beauty, decorating, wellness, current events, and lifestyle.

I’m also a voracious reader. It was my lifelong dream to have unlimited amounts of time to devote to books, magazines, and other publications and now I do. So, I share my reading experiences by publishing book reviews of whatever I’ve been reading. Most of my reviews are positive because I don’t feel compelled to finish a book I’m not enjoying. Very few movies are made for boomers, but when rare ones appear in the theatre, I review them as well.

It’s also my great pleasure to share information about things I like and things I don’t like about the world we live in. That could be my favourite brands of shoes, hair products, food, or political action. Boomer gals support each other and BoomerBroadcast is intended to be our voice, our platform for all things boomer-related. As you share my journey, I hope you enjoy and can relate to what I write about. I welcome your feedback and welcome you to Boomerbroadcast.

To email me: boomerbroadcast1@gmail.com