Best laundry carrier ever

I’ve always loved to hang laundry outside to dry, burying my face in the sheets to savour the cleanDSC02943  outdoors fragrance. It’s taken me many decades but I’ve finally found the ultimate laundry bag for carrying things outside or up and down the stairs to the laundry room. And it only costs $1.00. Nothing beats the IKEA blue plastic reinforced bags with the double yellow handles. You can use the short handles to carry it at your side or hang it on your shoulder. Either way, it frees your other hand to grab the handrail on the stairs. And they’re light as a feather. So toss your old wicker baskets or Rubbermaid bins. IKEA bags are the best.

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3 years ago

I’ve been using Ikea bags (as well as similar ones) for years to do laundry. I HATE old fashioned laundry baskets. They take up way too much room and are constantly in the way even when they’re empty. As you mentioned, you can carry the Ikea bags way more easily and you’re able to hold onto the stair rail while you have the handles over your shoulder. They’re just better for the simple fact that they hold lots and are way easier to carry. The Ikea bags can also be folded up and put away which saves tons of space… Read more »