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The New York Times declares “Sweatpants Forever”

The other day I announced to no one in particular—actually, it was my husband, but he never listens to me and as proof, he didn’t even bat an eye—that I want a whole new wardrobe. Pandemic frump fashion has destroyed my self-image. For nearly five months now I’ve worn nothing but yoga pants, athletic shorts, loose tee shirts, and the same pair of sandals—day after…

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The solution to the problem with the Toronto Maple Leafs is so obvious

Even an ignorant non-sports enthusiast like me can see the solution to the problem with the Toronto Maple Leafs. They tanked, blew it, and generally lived up to their dismal reputation in the psuedo run-up to the Stanley Cup finals again this year. Ho-hum. Tim Horton, Johnny Bower, George Armstrong, and their teammates must be absolutely horrified as they look down from the big gondola…

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Pssst . . . wanna place a sure bet on NHL, NFL, NBA and major league baseball during the pandemic?

Three mornings a week I send my husband off to the golf course with a cheery, “Score lots of goals, honey”. That’s what good wives do. Lord knows I do try to be a good wife. That also gives you an idea of how much I know about sports. Practically zero. Well, I do understand hockey. What Canadian boomer kid can possibly grow up without…

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