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Big chemical and personal care companies are killing us slowly with their secrets

Last week I watched a horrifying two-hour documentary on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) television called “Toxic Beauty”. I stumbled on it while channel surfing and was stunned by the information imparted. A large portion of the program was dedicated to the coverup by Johnson & Johnson about the dangers of using their baby powder. A class-action suit initiated by thousands of women who developed ovarian cancer…

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Should we mourn the loss of bricks and mortar retail stores?

Were fashion retailers reading BOOMERBROADCAST and actually paying attention? A recent full-page writeup in The Globe and Mail, Video Fashion, by Odessa Paloma Parker got me thinking that somewhere, someone might actually be recognizing that consumers are where the money is in retail. It’s a shocking realization, don’t you think? In the six+ years that I’ve been blogging, retailers and department stores, in particular, have…

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Is Home Ec the answer to sustainable fashion?

In previous postings, I’ve written about the environmental problems created by our obsession with cheap, disposable fashion (It’s time to dump disposable fashion). We’re finally realizing that we can’t keep buying and indiscriminately disposing of clothing without giving consideration to what becomes of the millions of pieces of unwanted items in landfill. As I was reading an article in the morning paper about how a designer…

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