Eileen Fisher “gets” boomer women

An EF fashion show at Dillards in Florida featuring store employees as models.

It’s hard to find fashion that addresses boomer knees, upper arms and generous waistlines that is still colourful, contemporary and fun to wear. Eileen Fisher is a line that understands the concerns and preferences of baby boomer women and each season she introduces new looks to supplement her core basics. Another benefit of EF is that 70% of her fabrics are from organic sources which is not only good for the environment but better for minimizing chemical exposure on our precious skin.

The fashion line designed by Eileen Fisher tends to be a bit pricey but don’t be discouraged if she’s beyond your budget as she also has great sales on end-of-season items. I’ve scored amazing deals—sometimes as much as 70% off the original price. Who doesn’t love a good sale and a quality piece of clothing? By being patient and waiting, hopefully it’s still available in my size at a sale price.

Anyone who travels probably has EF jersey pieces in their travel wardrobe. They’re lightweight, easy to launder (saving on pricey dry-cleaning) and rarely show wrinkles, except for her linens which are beautifully soft when wrinkled. She even has a recycling program that encourages consumers to return their old EF garments to the store where they are repaired and refreshed for resale through their Renew program. There are so many advantages to supporting the Eileen Fisher line:

That’s me (left, in black and white gingham EF blouse and white pants) with three of my boomer gal pals at EF fashion show.
  • Quality fabrics produced to be environmentally safe. I encourage you to read the “Behind the Label” section on their website
  • Return and renew programs.
  • Easily accessible on-line as well as through major retailers and dedicated stores.
  • Comfortable, fun and fashionable.
  • Longevity. Styles are wearable for years minimizing cost-per-wear figures.
  • Generous vanity sizing. Women who normally wear a size Medium can wear Small or even Extra-Small in EF. Good for the self-esteem. And she has a good selection of Petite sizes.

I certainly do not like everything in the Eileen Fisher line. Some of the pieces are downright frumpy but everyone has different taste and what I might not consider wearing might be perfect for someone else. The Eileen Fisher line is something baby boomer women should definitely take a look at. It’s available across the United States in major department stores and in Canada at Holt Renfrew as well as dedicated Eileen Fisher retail outlets in major urban malls. Online shopping is easy too:

Eileen Fisher.com


The Eileen Fisher line is classically simple and comfortable.

I’ve also had good luck with finding great sales on EF at ShopStyle.com or Shopstyle.ca, a site that searches the major retailers for the best deals and links you directly to them.