Pentel Energel Liquid Gel Ink Pens

As a leftie, I have often struggled to find a pen that glides smoothly across the page. In particular, I like a pen that delivers ink like a fountain pen but without all the mess and cartridges.

People who are right-handed will never understand this, but as they pull/draw a pen across the page from left to right, lefties are forced to push the pen across the page which is counter to the proper flow of ink. Ideally, lefties would like to write (and read) from right to left. In fact, that’s how Leonardo da Vinci (also a leftie) wrote—in mirror-writing. It was his version of secret code back when so many people were illiterate, and he used mirror-writing because it came easily to him.

In my own quest for the best pen for left-handers, I finally landed on the Pentel EnerGel with liquid gel ink metal tip 0.7 mm tip. It’s a dream to write with and delivers a fountain-pen-like impression that dries immediately. I buy them by the bushel. Coincidently, I have a couple of friends who claim this is their favourite pen too—and they’re right-handed.

Here’s a link to Amazon to order:

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