FitFlops are like caffeine for your feet

That’s how FitFlop describes their footwear. Started in the U.K. more than a decade ago, FitFlop now sells millions of pairs worldwide and this boomer broad is a huge fan. Their original line of sandals with a unique multi-density Microwobbleboardâ„¢ midsole has expanded to include an amazing variety of boots and shoes but it’s the sandals I still prefer. I own eight pairs, along with several pairs of Superskate loafers.

FitFlop’s Superskate is my favourite walking shoe and is available in many colours. I much prefer it to the similar Vionic loafer.

I suffered with plantar fasciitis (a painful tightening of the tendon running between the heel and ball of your foot which causes extreme discomfort or pain on the bottom of the heel when you stand up) for several years.  I was only able to get rid of it when I had my hip replaced and was off my feet for a couple of weeks – not a recommended treatment for PF – although it took care of two painful problems at once – sore hip and sore foot. Apparently people with either flat feet or extremely high arches (me) are prone to this condition and it can persist for years. After the hip replacement when I started walking again, I happily discovered that my plantar fasciitis had also disappeared and I wanted to make sure it stayed gone!

I’d tried orthotics and found them to be awkward, not practical for wearing with sandals and not comfortable but as an aging Boomer I obviously needed to address the high arch issue with arch supports and a solid foot bed. And I wear sandals 98% of the time. I saw FitFlops in a store several years ago and decided to give the Walkstar model a test drive and the love affair began immediately. They’re cheaper in the U.S. (naturally) but available at fairly comparable prices at Hudson’s Bay Company as well as other places if you want to Google them. Sometimes you can get them on sale which helps because they can cost from $60.00 to $200.00+ – not inexpensive. They also have great sales and I’ve scored them for as low as $38.00.

If you decide to try them, I suggest you go to a retail store for your first pair to get the fit right as they tend to fit large. I normally wear a size 7 but I take size 6 in FitFlop sandals and size 6½ in full shoes like the Superskate. Happy trails BOOMER BROADS. Our feet are meant for walking . . .

To order FitFlop shoes from Amazon, click here. (If you order through this link, you still get the best price but I may get a teeny tiny commission.)

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7 years ago

Where do you find them?

Lynda Davis
7 years ago
Reply to  Teresa

Don’t know where you are – but in the U.S. they’re available at Dillards, in Canada at Hudson’s Bay Co. and on line at Amazon or zappos.comshopstyle.comfitflop.comand lots of other places if you Google the name. They’re pricey but worth every penny as they adjust to your feet. They fit large so if you normally wear a size 7, order size 6.Good luck and let me know how you make out.  Lynda Davis Follow my blog at: Social commentary on life from a Boomer Broad’s perspective e-mail: For further insights into the Boomer perspective on business, fashion, mind… Read more »

מרום רותי
מרום רותי
8 years ago

השבוע קניתי את זוג הסנדלים הראשון שלי – וזהו התמכרתי! !!