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As the world opens up once again, here’s how fashion retailers can attract more customers

Are fashion retailers reading BOOMERBROADCAST and actually paying attention? A full-page write-up a while ago in The Globe and Mail, Video Fashion, by Odessa Paloma Parker got me thinking that somewhere, someone might actually be recognizing that consumers are where the money is in retail. It’s a shocking realization, don’t you think? In the eight years that I’ve been blogging, retailers and department stores, in…

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Our hearts bleed for Indigenous communities. How much longer will they have to suffer?

Is it a coincidence that I started reading Five Little Indians by Michelle Good the same week we read in the newspapers about the discovery of a mass grave containing 215 bodies of Indigenous children in Kamloops, B.C.? Governments at all levels as well as the Catholic church (although it wasn’t only Catholic churches that ran residential schools) have a lot to answer for. It’s hard…

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Monty Python’s John Cleese shows us an easier way to unleash our creativity

A few years ago I read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, which was considered the benchmark for understanding and releasing your creativity. It’s a brilliant book with an abundance of suggestions and inspiration for uncovering and channelling your creative energy. Cameron encourages us to spend a few minutes each day hand-writing in a notebook our “Morning Pages”—daily thoughts and random mental meanderings designed to help…

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