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Boarding the last plane to Paris

Considering my age and the nightmare involved with airports and international travelling these days, I’m thinking my trip in June to attend a writers’ retreat in Paris may have been my last trip abroad. It would be lovely if this proved to be wrong but as it becomes increasingly more difficult to negotiate the endless lineups, security checks, customs, flight delays, lost luggage, and other…

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Will the cosmetics marketers succeed in sucking me in again?

This time for sure I’m going to resist the sirens’ call of cosmetics industry marketers. A couple of years ago I posted a piece about how many unused and unsuitable makeup and skincare products I had stashed in my bathroom cupboards that I finally purged to make room for more. It is soooo hard to not get sucked into “new and improved” or the marketers’…

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Viewing Paris as a street-walker

There are streetwalkers and there are people who walk the streets, which I had the pleasure of doing for the first two weeks of June. Paris is an incredibly walkable city. Of course, it helps if you’re in shape and are wearing comfortable shoes, but getting around is easy on foot or with the help of convenient public transit. During my two-week stay at a…

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