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Fans of Bridget Jones’ Diary will enjoy reading The Flatshare

After waiting several months for my name to come up on the waiting list at the library for The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary, it finally landed in my inbox. I have a thing for British writers and their quirky style. The Flatshare is a combination of light humour and an underlying serious message. The book alternates chapters written in the first person by the two main characters….

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Coco Chanel slept with the enemy and got away with it

After reading Sleeping With The Enemy, Coco Chanel’s Secret War by Hal Vaughan I’m tempted to never buy another Chanel product again. Not a lipstick, a nail polish, or fragrance. Obviously my boycott would have absolutely no impact on the company’s overall wealth and market penetration, and Chanel herself is dead so my concerns are moot. Besides, I love the brand so that would only penalize…

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I’ve been conducting a few COVID-19 scientific domestic experiments of my own

The world’s greatest scientists aren’t the only ones conducting experiments related to the current pandemic. Having been housebound for nigh-on two months now with the man I love (surprisingly, I still do!) and my little dog (whom I surprisingly, have not yet eaten), I’ve been carrying out a few highly scientific experiments of my own. While my friend Terry has discovered it takes two to…

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