I stepped outside my preferred reading genre to see what all the fuss was about

When an author has captured four spots on the current New York Times ten best-sellers’ list, then I figure it’s about time I read one of her books. Colleen Hoover must be a good writer to achieve this incredible accomplishment. Right? The problem for me is her genre. While I do enjoy a good suspense novel from time to time, I am not a fan of romantic fiction. I’m more into historical fiction, British mysteries, and memoirs. But who can argue with success so I decided to read Hoover’s latest novel, Verity.

Verity is the name of a popular author of romantic fiction who specializes in writing from the villain’s point of view. When she is severely injured in a car accident and unable to complete the final three books of a nine-part series, her publisher decides to hire a relatively unknown author who writes in a similar style to complete Verity’s contractual obligations.

The young woman chosen is Lowen Ashleigh. Despite being broke and on the brink of being evicted from her apartment, Ashleigh is reluctant to take on the assignment. She lacks the confidence she can adequately fill the shoes of the best-selling author. Another complication arises when it turns out she must move into Verity’s home in Vermont and Ashleigh has developed a soft spot for Verity’s husband, Jeremy.

Best-selling author of romantic fiction, Colleen Hoover.

Desperate for money and persuaded by Jeremy to take on the task, she moves into their home. Ashleigh is immediately confronted with the prospect of trying to research and write under the same roof as the comatose Verity while sleeping in her bed and trying to bury her secret feelings for Jeremy. The house is full of negative energy as Verity and Jeremy have suffered the loss of their twin daughters from different fatal accidents. Their five-year-old son claims his unconscious mother speaks to him and Ashleigh has reason to think it may be true.

Verity is a fast read with lots of suspense and a gratuitous smattering of erotica. I can see why Hoover is such a popular author but this book confirmed my indifference to the genre.  I am not inclined to read another of her books to see how they compare to this one as there are far too many others on my “To Read” list that I will get to first. It was a break from my normal reading and I’m sure anyone who likes romantic fiction and suspense and chooses to read this book will enjoy it from start to finish. Not really my cup of tea, despite her four titles on the best-seller list.

If you are unable to obtain a copy of Verity by Colleen Hoover at your local bookstore or library, please click here to have it delivered directly to your door from Amazon.

(Disclosure: You will receive Amazon’s best price and I may receive a teeny, tiny commission. Thank you.)

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1 year ago

Like you I read one of Colleen Hoovers books, “It Ends With Us”. Although I love good murder mystery’s, and who done it stories, I was disappointed with this one. I will not be rushing to read any more of them.