cherry2It’s not my fault. My husband brought it home the first time, probably because he couldn’t resist the name. Then, I made the mistake of tasting Black Jack Cherry frozen yogurt. It’s a taste sensation unlike any ice-cream or frozen yogurt concoction I’ve ever tasted. Anything with nuts or crunchy things in it makes it doubly appealing as the chewing process makes it linger twice as long. Maple walnut, butter pecan, Rocky Road—they all qualify as gifts from heaven but there’s something about Black Jack Cherry that puts it in a class all its own. For starters, it’s bubblegum pink. Who can resist that! Then, it’s packed with chunks of real dark cherries and chocolate in generous portions so that every bite is a slice of heaven.

Despite cruising down the frozen desserts aisle of the grocery store with eyes right at the refrigerated rows of cottage cheese and zero fat yogurt, that freezer door just flies open, a giant arm reaches out, pulls me over and casually tosses a container of Black Jack Cherry frozen yogurt into my cart. I don’t tell my husband in case he finds my stash and decides he wants some too. I don’t share. I eat it right out of the carton until I can’t stomach another mouthful. It’s disgraceful, disgusting and humiliating but impossible to resist. For the most part I’ve been fairly successful in minimizing my intake of carbs and sugar, but all resolve to be a good girl dissolves in the frozen desserts aisle.

cherry1Different stores carry a variety of brands of Black Jack Cherry frozen yogurt so it’s as easy to buy as weed in a school yard but Canada’s own Chapman’s brand is particularly decadent. The junkies prey on my weakness and label it low-fat despite having 120 calories per half-cup portion. Half a cup is only one bite! That’ll never happen. Like I said, it’s not my fault.

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