One of my first blog posts, “My kinda’ gun control” was in support of a gun amnesty program in Newark, New Jersey that began under the leadership of Corey Booker. As the anniversary of the horror of #Sandy Hook approaches, I think it is worth bringing the issue forward again.

The Caliber Foundation dismantles guns seized by police or surrendered during amnesty programs and recycles the metals to Caliber collectionmake jewellery. The rings, bracelets and necklaces are engraved with the serial number of the original weapon and proceeds from the profits are returned to support victims of gun violence and further amnesty programs.

This morning as I was half-watching The Today Show on TV, they described a similar venture that I think is worth mentioning. As a Canadian, it is easy to be self-righteous about the ubiquity of guns in the United States but we aren’t without our own problems. The bottom line is we need to do whatever we can to reduce the number of guns in circulation. As ordinary citizens our libertyoptions are limited to choosing not to own a gun and to support our police forces in their efforts to seize guns through these initiatives.

It’s not too late to do a bit of Christmas shopping. Check out these websites and see if there is something you can order for your sweetie and/or yourself to support these efforts. and

I ordered the stainless steel bracelet from the Caliber Foundation a few months ago and was really happy with it. I’ve been meaning to order the matching brass one and now on the anniversary of Sandy Hook, I think it’s time I did. Think about doing the same.

Lynda Davis

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