Listen to your hormones

Watching Dr. Natasha Turner on The Marilyn Denis show ( the other day reminded me that I have to pay more attention to what goes into my body. I’m convinced my itching, bitching and all-round BOOMERbroad falling apart issues are hormone related but it’s hard to give them the attention they deserve. I’ve read about Natasha Turner in the past but last week’s episode prompted me to download her book from the library and give it a serious read. The result is I was so encouraged and motivated by it that I went out the next day and purchased my very own hard copy that I could highlight and bookmark for reference. And when I read a book I like, I want all my friends to experience the same high, so I recommended they purchase it as well – or at least borrow it and read it. Now I’ve set myself up for a challenge.
Product DetailsAlthough I already consume a relatively healthy diet with little to no sugar or alcohol, I do drink tea, including green tea and unfortunately must admit that my one major vice is Diet Coke – preferably a large fountain Diet Coke not the somewhat inferior canned or bottled kind. I keep my carbs to a minimum and always whole grain. I try to buy organic foods whenever possible and plan meals to be at least two-thirds veggies. Since I’ve been going to Weight Watchers – again ( my go-to snack has been fruit so generally I’ve been a very good girl. Although I love sweets, I’ve sworn off most cookies and treats until I achieve my weight goal.
I’m now going through Dr. Turner’s book with a yellow high-lighter and a fistful of Post-It bookmarks. My intentions are good. Let’s see how I do on the follow-through.  

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