Still swingin’ in her 60s

TwiggyAlthough I subscribe to seventeen magazines a month, Good Housekeeping isn’t one of them. But when I happened to spot the glossy lavender cover of the September British edition the other day in Chapters, I couldn’t resist. It featured a picture of one of the original Boomer babes, Twiggy looking pretty snazzy at 60+-something. Eager to learn her secrets to ageless aging, I bought a copy and it was a surprisingly fun read. The pictures of her were flattering bearing in mind that Brit mags don’t photo-shop their material to death like the American ones. Still pleasingly slim, she had some interesting comments. One I liked when asked about her personal style mantra, she replied, “Style is about finding your look. My style has evolved over many years. I hate it when people say you have to wear certain things in your 30s, 40s and 50s. It’s insane! My daughter and I go shopping together. We’ll sometimes buy the same jeans or jacket, but we wear it differently.” I thought that was rather clever. I now have permission to buy some biker boots and a leather moto-cross jacket. Only I have to wear them with perfectly tailored jeans and maybe some pearls or my diamond studs.
I read the rest of the magazine too – cover to cover – and rather enjoyed it.

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