In the world of television, everything old is new again

It seems inconceivable that with more than a thousand television channels we still can't find something we like to watch. The inroads made by Netflix, specialized cable and streaming sources have expanded our options beyond our wildest imagination but there still seems to be a gap, something missing. Remember growing up in the fifties and sixties when we could only get three black and white channels and reception on two of them was so snowy we could barely watch them? So, the media experts are doing what soap company marketers…

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A tip of the toque to our good ol’ CBC

Our very own CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for my non-Canadian readers) has finally come up with some excellent television programs that I've been recommending to friends. Is it because the government has cut their funding and they're becoming more resourceful or did we just get lucky? Whatever the cause, we're the beneficiaries. I've been sending friends weekly reminders to watch three shows in particular that I love and thought Boomerbroadcast readers might enjoy them too.  I've always been a big fan of our particular brand of Canadian humour. It's smarter…

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5 reasons why Melania will never occupy The White House

Now that the inauguration festivities are over and President Trump no longer has to fake respect for family values (five children with three wives), First Lady Melania has retreated to her ivory tower in Manhattan, under the guise of being a "full-time" mother. After all, she does have her hands full with making all those wardrobe and accessory decisions while her only child is away all day at private school. But she's not fooling anyone. Here's this Boomer Broad's take on the real reasons we no longer see the presidential…

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Mike Myers is our very own symbol of true patriot love, with a touch of class

I know I have a tendency at times (sorry!! it's a Canadian thing) to gush about books I love, so brace yourself; this is a huge gush. We all know and love fellow Canuck Mike Myers for his Second City and SNL characters as well as his movie roles in Wayne's World, Austin Powers and Shrek. The Wayne Campbell character was based on his own teenage self. Being funny requires also being smart and Mike Myers displays an abundance of both in his new book about his love affair with…

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I’m sick sick sick of the KKK’s

Writers have always been advised and encouraged to write about what they know. Today, I've chosen to ignore that advice in order to vent about something I know very little about. Would someone please tell me what is so newsworthy about the Kardashian klan—Kris, Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, Kylie—the whole kkk-koven? As part of my research and to be fair to the perpetrators I decided to watch an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians on TV but that only added anger to my state of bewilderment. After 10 minutes…

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Dear John: I love you

John's Doyle's regular column in The Globe and Mail is always an interesting read. Despite my cranky relationship with TV service providers, I genuinely enjoy watching television—well, certain programs anyway. I despise the usurious rates charged by the cable, internet and satellite companies which cost more per month than heat and hydro for my home and rank far lower on the scale of necessary utilities. Back to my buddy John Doyle, the Globe's TV critic. We seem to be like-minded in our television tastes and opinions. I don't like reality…

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