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4 books of light summer reading guaranteed to lift your spirits

When I finished reading Five Little Indians by Michelle Good (which was excellent, by the way), I was in the mood for something completely different—light, undemanding and escapist. So, I read three books that demanded no heavy thinking and presented me with no moral or social dilemmas to contemplate. Three of these books are sort of ‘romance-y’ which is most certainly not my normal choice of…

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Here’s your chance to show your support for a struggling writer . . . ME!

Last December, I self-published my third book, We’re Not Dead Yet!, a light-hearted look at baby boomer lifestyle, fashion, current events and other issues that strike a chord with boomers.  The book is a series of easy-to-read essays and observations that will resonate with our age group and remind other generations that we’re still in the game. Self-published authors need all the help we can get…

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