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Four memoirs you will enjoy reading that would make excellent gifts

We’re forever grateful that Newfoundland joined the Canadian Confederation in 1949 because that allows us to claim all those talented Newfoundlanders as our own. For some reason, Newfoundland has produced an abundant and prolific crop of writers, comedians, performers, and other artists: Mary Walsh, Cathy Jones, Rick Mercer, Donna Morrissey, Lisa Moore, Shaun Majumder, to name just a few. I’ve just finished reading three excellent…

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Here’s your chance to show your support for a struggling writer . . . ME!

Last December, I self-published my third book, We’re Not Dead Yet!, a light-hearted look at baby boomer lifestyle, fashion, current events and other issues that strike a chord with boomers.  The book is a series of easy-to-read essays and observations that will resonate with our age group and remind other generations that we’re still in the game. Self-published authors need all the help we can get…

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