The September issue blows

September 2018

Every year I look forward to writing a bitchy critique of the famous September issue of Vogue magazine. At upwards of 800 pages, it arrives with a heavy thud in my mailbox (a couple of years ago the postman actually rang my doorbell and personally handed it to me) and usually gives me a couple of hours of entertainment.

Most of what Vogue offers up is utter nonsense and completely irrelevant to the average woman. Despite this, somehow I usually manage to find one or two tiny sparks of inspiration in its superficial pages. This year? There’s nothing to write about. No inspiration. Nadda. Zero. Rien. Ziltch. Not a single thing. There is an article about an upcoming HBO series on Elena Ferrante’s Neopolitan quartet, but otherwise, the September 2018 issue of Vogue is barren of anything relevant or worthwhile to this old boomer.

Is it just me or are fashion magazines seriously out of touch with their readers? I’m becoming increasingly fed up with fashion media, despite their few and infrequent pathetic attempts at recognizing older readers, a.k.a. baby boomers. As the saying goes, “I don’t know why I botha’.“. Who’s out of touch? Me? Or them?

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[…] The September issue blows […]

Susan Duke
Susan Duke
4 years ago

Not that I am an aficionado (sp???) however, I feel fashion has reached its own brick wall. If they are clever, they will rethink what they are doing and rejig their approach with something fresh like how to take what you already own and make it look new and special.

Lynda Davis
4 years ago
Reply to  Susan Duke

They’re like politicians. They function in vacuum, a bubble, out of touch with the real world. Thanks Susan.

Margaret Payne
Margaret Payne
4 years ago

I agree Lynda.Is it just me or is it my age?

Lynda Davis
4 years ago
Reply to  Margaret Payne

It’s not us Margaret. It’s them. I honestly don’t know who they think their audience is.