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It appeared like a mirage—clear but unexpected—a standing sign at the entrance to the Hudson’s Bay store in Sherway Gardens Mall in Toronto, announcing the arrival of a new boutique carrying vintage designer purses and accessories. There was some disconnect in my brain as I knew Hudson’s Bay didn’t ordinarily carry Louis Vuitton, Gucci and other high-end designer brands so I was curious to investigate. Like a bee to honey, I followed my nose to the purse section and sure enough, there they were, tables of lovely handbags and accessories on display—Hermès, Gucci, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Prada.

designer2When I instinctively started caressing the inventory (a favourite past-time of mine), I was approached by a lovely sales associate called Shannon who explained the concept.  The  LXR&CO banner has opened several permanent boutiques in select Hudson’s Bay stores offering vintage designer handbags, jewelry, scarves and other accessories. The merchandise has been authenticated, edited and purchased from private sellers to be resold at these special retail locations, with information on their website for sellers on how to do this.

The inventory is not consignment issue and the price tags are often half or even less than half the original manufacturers’ suggested retail price. That’s every purse aficionado’s wet dream. Needless to say, a quick reconnaissance by this Boomer came up with several goodies I would love to own. LXR&CO also has an incredibly easy-to-navigate and comprehensive website (click here for Originating in Montreal, the company has permanent and pop-up locations across Canada and in the United States.

Be still, my beating heart.
Be still, my beating heart.

While previously owned designer handbags have always been readily available on the internet, being able to see, touch and handle authenticated merchandise in a reputable retail location makes the investment in luxury items more reliable and enjoyable. The selection was absolutely yummy. Check out their great website ( for locations near you. No one but you has to know how much you paid and girlfriend, that’s a really good thing when you’re getting the real thing.

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