Is Wynne seeing the light?


If only they would grow up and learn to play nice. Imagine what could be accomplished.
If only they would grow up and learn to play nice. Imagine what could be accomplished.

Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario has been making noises about implementing a compulsory pension plan for taxpayers of Ontario. Recognizing that all citizens are not adequately prepared financially for retirement, the Ontario government proposed a third layer of pension contributions in addition to Old Age Security and Canada Pension Plan to help fill the gap. While her concerns about us old retiring Boomers living on cat food is admirable, her solution to the problem is, well, problematic —much like her relationship with Stephen Harper; hence her Ontario Retirement Pension Plan brainwave.

If the Liberals under Trudeau are successful in winning the current federal election, Wynne has said she would consider piggybacking her plan on to the existing Canada Pension Plan. Apparently it’s what she wanted all along but because Wynne and Harper couldn’t play nice in the sandbox, she had to build her own sandbox. Whatever their differences, it’s a shame they couldn’t come together for the betterment of the people. But I guess that’s asking too much of politicians. The fact they’re on the taxpayers’ payroll and hired to work on our behalf seems to have escaped their comprehension.

Retirement should be a time of peace and contentment following a lifetime of hard work.
Retirement should be a time of peace and contentment following a lifetime of hard work.

Many retired Boomers are still working full-time or part-time to keep the wolf away. For whatever reason, many seniors still live in poverty in this land of plenty and we have a common responsibility to ensure that our fellow Canadians are adequately housed, clothed, fed and taken care of medically after a life-time of work and paying taxes. But to implement another completely separate pension plan to address this issue seems like one more giant government bureaucratic nightmare.

Having faithfully paid into CPP for my entire adult life including forty years in the corporate world, it seems to me that topping off that plan with increased deductions would be the most effective and painless way to achieve the goal. Payroll deductions are annoying but necessary for maintaining the lifestyle we enjoy in Canada.  A little more will only hurt a bit but if it means the difference between cat food and Hamburger Helper down the road, I say go for it. And do not burden Ontario taxpayers with another layer of bureaucracy when a proven system is already in place.  If only the politicians would stop their childish squabbles and get along, all Canadians would benefit. So, be sure to vote on October 19th. And, pass the salt, please.

(This is not an endorsement of any political party. In fact, it’s a condemnation of them all.)


Lynda Davis

As an early Baby Boomer, born in 1947, it seems to me that as we approach our retirement years, Boomers have gone from being the energy driving our nation to slowly becoming invisible. We risk losing our identity as society remains stubbornly youth-centric. And the irony is that Gen Xers and Ys are not the majority; we are. BOOMERBROADcast is my platform for being the voice of Baby Boomers, women in particular. We've generated a lot of changes over the decades but there's still a long way to go. After a 40-year career in the corporate world, I've taken up expressing the observations and concerns of our generation. Instead of pounding the pavement in my bellbottoms with a cardboard sign, I'm pounding my laptop (I learned to type on a manual typewriter and old habits die hard). If you have issues or concerns you would like voiced or have comments on what I've voiced, I'd love to hear from you. We started breaking the rules in the sixties and now that we're in our sixties it's no time to become complacent. Hope you'll stay tuned and if you like BOOMERBROADcast, share it with your friends. Let's rock n' roll! If you would like to be notified whenever I publish a new posting, click on the little blue box in the lower right of your screen that says +Follow→ Lynda Davis

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  1. We’re all keeping our fingers crossed for something better. Perhaps the only perfect solution is what The Globe and Mail suggested – a Conservative minority and Harper resigns immediately. Whatever the outcome, it’s scary! Thanks for your comment.

  2. I was taught at an early age to be a saver………to save for a rainy day and/or my retirement. I was not to depend on the government to provide totally for me in life or retirement….. that was not their job. When CPP was introduced, I fully understood it was not going to be enough to live on in retirement. I joined any pension plan a company offered as a means of saving for my future retirement and the Government promoted Canada Saving bonds which made saving easier. I did not make a lot of money but lived within my means, worked and put a little money away from my pay cheque for my future. Companies have stopped offering pension plans and the government is offering little to promote the idea of saving on your own. What I see today is people not saving and planning for their future. They find themselves suffering in their old age in poverty expecting the government to take full responsibility for their situation. Although Wynne’s heart is in the right place, another government plan is not going to change this problem. Adjust the current CPP plan accordingly and promote better methods for achieving a ‘personal savings’ lifestyle. For example, being able to deduct your mortgage from your income tax.

    1. It’s a different world and a different mentality among young people today with regard to money. They’ve always had it and assume it’ll always be there as their parents have indulged them and usually bail them out when they run into financial trouble. Fortunately I’ll be long dead by the time they hit retirement and start whining that they didn’t plan like we did.  Lynda Davis Follow my blog at: Social commentary on life from a Boomer Broad’s perspective e-mail: For further insights into the Boomer perspective on business, fashion, mind and body, order my new book, BOOMERBROADcast. It makes a great hostess, birthday or Christmas gift. Click on this link:  or

  3. It should not be necessary to have the provincial premier and the prime minister both in the same party to get things done. However that seems to be the way, so we had better make some federal changes!

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