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Coffee pod pollution is a fixable problem


tassimoMy name is Lynda and I confess I am a polluter. As the happy owner of a Bosch Tassimo hot beverage dispenser I regularly use the disposable pods criticized by environmentalists for polluting our landfill sites. But I can explain. I chose the Tassimo over the Keurig beverage dispenser because it makes cappuccino and latte drinks which Keurig does not. Both manufacturers are under the gun for their disposable pods but only Keurig makes a pod that is refillable by the owner. This means you can put your own brand of coffee or tea in their refillable pod. Good corporate citizen. Tassimo does not make a refillable pod. Bad corporate citizen.

Obviously waiting rooms and places of employment will prefer one-use pods but individual users should have a choice of refilling.

Obviously, waiting rooms and places of employment will prefer one-use pods but individual users should have a choice of refilling.

Both types of hot beverage dispenser are popular because they quickly and easily provide a single instant serving of a hot drink without having to boil a kettle or make an entire pot of coffee or tea. That’s an energy-saving in itself so the system isn’t entirely bad. I know there are other dispensers on the market but these are the two I am familiar with.

The solution to the landfill/environmental issue for these machines is simple. All KDP owners have to do is keep the container of their favourite brand of coffee handy and use the refillable pod, which is ultimately is less expensive per cup. Tassimo does not provide a refillable pod although there are many complicated suggestions on the internet for recycling them but it’s a major hassle. My favourite brand of tea is Red Rose and Tassimo does not carry this brand. I have used the Twining and Tetley pods but the tea is not entirely to my liking. If they would simply provide a reusable pod, I could pop a Red Rose tea bag into the receptacle and, voila, no more landfill. I have managed to get around the issue by running clear hot water through the machine and dropping a tea bag into the cup but then I get the tannins floating on top which we tea aficionados do not like.

I dearly love to have a refillable pod for my Tassimo like the K-cup.

I would dearly love to have a refillable pod for my Tassimo like the K-cup that I could just pop my Red Rose tea bag into.

The downside of refillable pods for the beverage dispenser manufacturers is that they make a s#$%load of money on their pods at fifty cents a cup, just like the toner providers for inkjet and laser printers. They have us captive. You can make a difference in the recycling issue by e-mailing Tassimo and help me put pressure on them to create a refillable pod. The fault lies with Bosch, the manufacturer of the machines. Send them an email at this link.  Maybe the squeaky wheel will get some decent tea to drink and we can help save the environment.

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5 thoughts on “Coffee pod pollution is a fixable problem

  1. I have a Keurig at home….that takes the re-usable pods but at our trailer I have a Hamilton Beach Flex Brew machine. It can make a full 12 cup pot of coffee (or tea) and also has a spot for single serve pods (K cups) or the reusable pods and also has a small filer that you can put ground coffee into to make a single cup. I find this flexibility to be very use full at the trailer and doesn’t require the use of 2 separate machines. (Very good when you have small space available.) The unit comes will a travel cup and the shelf can be adjusted to use a regular coffee cup in the single serve side.

  2. Everyone has to start sometime. I have been to several summer festivals this year with no garbage cans but instead have garbage centers located throughout the fair grounds where you bring your garbage and volunteers take it and sort garbage into the appropriate bins….. apparently it has cut back something like 90% on garbage at events with most of the garbage being recycled. Egg carton type cardboard is being used for take home foods instead of Styrofoam and utensils made of wood. More people are using their own personal water bottles instead of the plastic. So nice to see this area going eco friendly.

  3. As long as we value convenience over the environment, this sort of waste will continue. Rather than send letters to the companies why not just stop buying their products? Try a french press. My single serving press just requires boiling water. No filter, no pod. Yes, it takes a little more work and time but it’s an easy choice for me.

    • Good point. By using the plain (heated) water in my Tassimo, I don’t even have to boil the kettle – just pop my tea bag into the cup. Not perfect but fast and efficient. Thanks for your comments.  Lynda Davis Follow my blog at: Social commentary on life from a Boomer Broad’s perspective e-mail: For further insights into the Boomer perspective on business, fashion, mind and body, order my new book, BOOMERBROADcast. It makes a great hostess, birthday or Christmas gift. Click on this link:  or

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