Ashley Madison Paris-style

paris1Whenever I see a book recommended by a best-selling author with Paris in the title, I can’t resist picking it up. Such was the case with Tatiana de Rosnay’s A Paris Affair. The author of the exquisite Sarah’s Key really dropped the ball on this one. Don’t waste your money. Unless you also enjoy scouring Ashley Madison’s pitiful list of thrill-seekers, you will find de Rosnay’s book of short stories depressing and even annoying. The book is a series of short stories written in the first person, describing the discovery of infidelity by a variety of characters living in Paris. It’s sleazy and, in my opinion, trite. In the beginning, I tried to find an upside such as the differences in perspective between the French and American or Canadian attitude to affairs. The result is the same. Lives ruined. Families torn apart. And it rarely has a happy ending.

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