Today I’m turning over my platform for a guest rant from Keith, a regular follower of BOOMERBROADcast. Here’s what he had to say:

postal2Canada Post is fading away. Not because people don’t want them or because the price of stamps is too high. No! It’s because Canada Post employees don’t give a damn! To get a letter from Burlington to Guelph, a forty-five minute drive, takes ten days.

Christmas cards arrive years late and packages disappear. Never mind the wrong mail in our boxes daily because nobody bothers to read the address. And who do you talk to? Nobody who cares that’s for sure. I think we should tie their salaries and pensions to performance. If they cared about what they do people would care as well and support them more. The more they go on strike the worse the service gets. For snowbirds to get mail forwarded from seasonal homes in the United States to Canada is FREE. To get mail re-directed the other way costs a bomb. And even when it’s set up and paid for Canada Post cannot seem to get the dates correct.

Is there a better way?
Is there a better way?

Unions were originally created to bring fairness to the workers in return for a superior quality product.  Today,  the more they demand the lower the quality and productivity in return.  Union leadership needs to partner with management to improve the quality of their workers and the service to their customers or they will disappear like the Dodo.

Is Keith on to something or is he being unfair to postal workers and Canada Post? Feedback and comments are welcome. We’d love to know what you think about this issue. Click on Comments below the heading at the top of this posting. Looking forward to your feedback.

Lynda Davis

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  1. Keith may be very correct about our mail when it gets out of rural Ontario. We still get the personal touch out here in the country but there are many threats that it will disappear. We lost efficiency – through no fault of our local Post Office – when mail that is not going to our village from someone in our village all ends up in TO for sorting. So what is a 10 minute drive from one town to another now takes 5-6 business days. We drive it and drop it in the next box! But that is not the solution.

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