BOOMERBROADcast is now available on Amazon!

xmas tree1Just in time for Christmas and for your shopping convenience, BOOMERBROADcast has now been released on With a few clicks of your mouse you can wrap up your Christmas shopping by ordering copies to be delivered to your door or directly to your gift recipients within a few days.

Enjoy the advice, humour and frank opinions of this Boomer Broad in my first book. Packed with valuable business advice, astute observations on contemporary issues, book and movie reviews and commentary on fashion, mind and body, BOOMERBROADcast provides insights into what makes boomers tick. Reflections on life growing up in the sixties are juxtaposed with the realities of life in our sixties.

Click on the link to order directly.Surprise your friends with a copy of BOOMERBROADcast.

They’ll be glad you did.

 Order now:

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Susan Duke
Susan Duke
8 years ago

I have almost completed your book Boomerbroadcast. You have really surpassed any expectation I had. Not that I could describe what I expected…….I found myself reading parts outloud to my brother and sister-in-law just the other day because it was too good or funny not to share. It has been practical, funny and enlightening. Your softer side was very evident as well as your down to business pragmatism. Bravo Lynda…..this is a best seller.