Plugging small businesses by women

When I come across small businesses run by women I’m always happy to endorse them and support their growth. Therefore, today I’m introducing you to four businesses that you may want to consider using:

  • Lola Stoker
    Lola Stoker

    Cruise Holidays, Luxury Travel Boutique: I first met Lola Stoker at a presentation for European river cruises when I was shopping for a tour of World War I and World War II Canadian war sites. While none of the tours she presented that day were what I was looking for, she remembered my request and e-mailed me a few months later with news of a special “Great Canadian War Memorial Tour, BME 919″ being offered by Globus. It couldn’t have been more perfect. For any cruise, river or ocean, or another specific tour or independent vacation you are considering, I highly recommend Lola Stoker who can be reached at or Tel 905-602-6566. Her office is in Mississauga.

  • Vanessa Baillie
    Vanessa Baillie

    MYpoint5  is a business belonging to the daughter of a friend.When first described to me I had no idea what she was talking about. MYpoint5 provides administrative services “virtually”. To use an old-fashioned term that Baby Boomer Broads understand, it is a twenty-first century high-tech version of a “Girl Friday”. Many of the services are provided via the internet. Vanessa Baillie is the proprietor and she’s based in Ottawa which is no obstacle to providing services to clients anywhere thanks to e-mail, internet, Skype and all those other new-fangled business tools. Whether you need business event planning services, customer support, social media updates, travel arrangements or calendar management, Vanessa Baillie would be delighted to help. She can be reached at or Tel 613-884-8832.

  • secretIt’s Our Little Secret is an upscale consignment shop located at 62 Lakeshore Road East (west of Hurontario) in Port Credit, Ontario owned by Kym McKinnon with some early marketing help from Danielle Goreski, the niece of a friend and cousin of Brad Goreski, stylist-to-stars in New York and Los Angeles. Danielle is another hot entrepreneur you can learn more about by visiting her website at When I visited Kym’s shop I was impressed with the quality and merchandising of the clothing, purses, shoes and accessories she carries. While browsing her shop I saw such high-end brands as Gucci, Betsy Johnson, Christian Loubitan, Chanel and Manolo Blanhik as well as Coach, Guess, Joe Jeans, Michael Kors and other familiar names. If you’re looking to score a designer item at a bargain price or you have quality items to sell, contact Tammy Mifsud at 905-274-2121.
  • Donna Kakonge
    Donna Kakonge

    Donna Kay Kakonge is the person who helped me through the process of self-publishing my book, BOOMERBROADcast. Donna has authored sixty-six books herself and provides a wide range of language-related services including editing, publishing support and writing. With numerous degrees including her Master’s Degree, Donna Kakonge has taught at University of Toronto, Ryerson University and Humber College. As a freelance communications consultant she provides services to corporations as well as individuals and is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of media and communications.

For links to the website for each of these businesses, simply click on their company name above.

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Click on the link to order directly.


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