Keep an open mind

That’s about as cliché a piece of advice that was ever given but it always warrants repeating. WelderYoung people are sometimes directed toward a particular career choice that may not always have available opportunities. That’s when it’s time to take off the blinders and consider something “outside the box”. This is perfectly illustrated in a recent article, “How She Landed a Six-Figure Job” in Money Sense magazine about the niece of a friend of mine who went from ho-hum jobs to a surprisingly satisfying change of career.

As Boomers, we recognize that things are different today for young people seeking employment. But on the other hand, those individuals who are willing to try something different can often reap great rewards. Many of our generation simply “got a job” without any particular career plan when we finished school. We tried different things – some of which worked out and others did not. It’s all character-building experience and ultimately worth the effort.

In addition to my many years in the corporate world, I have also worked as a waitress, a go-go dancer, a yarn spinner, a diaper deliverer, and a short-order cook, all of which taught me something valuable. Life is a lot more fun and interesting if you keep your mind open to new experiences.

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