We won the lottery

Being born in Canada with all its social benefits, economic stability, good manners and relatively boring politics is right up there with winning the lottery. It even partially compensates for our shitty winters. While we condemn our Prime Minister for his high-handed proroguing of parliament, at least our British-like system wouldn’t stand for the disgraceful goings-on that are happening right now in the United States. They seem determined to internally combust. It’s the old story of the tail wagging the dog and it’s not a pretty sight.

We spend half the year in the United States and know that the current situation is definitely not the democracy preferred by the majority. The wheels have completely fallen off. In a country with some of the brightest people in the world, how can things go so far awry?

Eric Idle of the former Monty Python troupe  posted some interesting comments on The Huffington Post. I think we all share his sentiments. Please, Uncle Sam – play nice, share your toys, and stop bullying your friends and family . The current “time-out” isn’t working and we hate to think what will happen next. It’s not productive. As your neighbours we are very concerned.

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10 years ago

Right on Lynda! Right on, Eric!