Here’s the solution to our problems with Bombardier

It's a perfect storm and has all the ingredients needed to launch a successful business enterprise—strong market demand for both present and future products, skilled, available workforce, existing manufacturing plants available for retooling, tested financial metrics and business case, shortage of reliable suppliers. All that's needed is smart management to pull it together and we're in business. Bombardier is a train wreck of back-ordered stock on a track to disaster. For years we've been enduring the ongoing saga of mismanagement, government bailouts, law suits and failure to deliver. They're being…

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Major boo-boo called Metrolinx UP Express

Well blow me down! Who would have ever thought that the fancy, new $456 million dollar rail link between Union Station and Pearson International Airport in Toronto would be operating at ninety percent empty! (I'm allowed an exclamation mark here) or in other words, just ten percent of capacity? After all, look at its genius state-of-the-art diesel operating system; its elite-class fare structure of a mere $27.50 for a one-way ticket; its stand-alone functionality. And unless you enjoy humping your luggage up the various levels of stairs to Front Street…

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HOV from my POV

Being a good, law-abiding Canadian citizen can be very stressful at times. As a fairly typical Canadian I take pride in playing by the rules and obeying the law. I never drive in the outside lane unless overtaking another car; I never unlawfully rip the tags off mattresses; I waited until I was a bona-fide senior citizen before buying seniors' movie tickets, and I never photocopy money. So you can understand how difficult it is for me to witness the blatant disregard for the rules of the HOV (high occupancy…

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Oh fuddle duddle. More fiddle faddle on infrastructure

I'm becoming increasingly more convinced that our Mayor John Tory and City Council are out of their minds, loony, smoking bad oregano, out-of-touch with reality, inhaling too much carbon monoxide from cars or are just plain stupid. The City of Toronto recently tore down the Scarborough Light Rapid Transit Line (built by my former employer, EllisDon, in the 1970s) because it was a bad idea in the first place. Previously, they tore down the section of the Gardiner Expressway east of Jarvis Street, and now they're proposing to re-build it…

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Stop studying and start building already

Oh. My. Nerves. How much more can we take of the endless studies and debating about Toronto's transit woes. I moved to the city in 1965 to begin work. Over the past fifty-or-so years I have watched our home town triple in size and the brilliant minds who oversee our city's transit needs seem to be stuck in a time warp somewhere in the middle of the last century. Anyone who has ever been to Paris, London, New York or any other major city in the world has experienced and…

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