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Are baby boomer names becoming trendy again?

An article in The New York Times Magazine titled Name Days on February 28th by Linda Kinstler, made a shocking revelation. Kinstler’s parents were Latvian immigrants and in order to ensure their daughter was easily accepted and assimilated into the American way of life, they decided to give her a thoroughly pronounceable, spellable, and American name—Linda. What is unusual and even shocking about this choice…

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Powerball jackpot lottery goes nuclear once again

They’ve done it again. The giant Powerball lottery in the United States has once again risen to stratospheric proportions which has everyone storming the doors of neighbourhood variety stores to buy tickets. Even though increased ticket purchases diminishes the odds, who doesn’t want a chance to become a bazillionaire? Mega Millions rises to nearly $1 billion The jackpot prize for the Mega Millions lottery would…

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What don’t you understand about “STAY AT HOME”?

I’m fed up with all the whinging and whining about the supposed lack of clarification surrounding the Stay At Home rules recently implemented by the Ontario Government. Listen, people. This is not about trying to find a loophole for a tax deduction in our income taxes. We don’t need to be parsing every nuance of the regulations for chinks or weaknesses in the wording that…

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