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Monty Python’s John Cleese shows us an easier way to unleash our creativity

A few years ago I read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, which was considered the benchmark for understanding and releasing your creativity. It’s a brilliant book with an abundance of suggestions and inspiration for uncovering and channelling your creative energy. Cameron encourages us to spend a few minutes each day hand-writing in a notebook our “Morning Pages”—daily thoughts and random mental meanderings designed to help…

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Believe me! COVID-brain is a real thing

Have you wondered lately whether you’ll still be able to carry on an in-person conversation with real human beings when life returns to normal? Will our social skills be so stunted by more than a year of isolation that we’ll eventually wander out dazed and bewildered, incapable of making small talk or actually having something to talk about? As a baby boomer in the vulnerable over-seventy…

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Fifty years later I’m still not converted to metric

Canada axed the old Imperial measurement system and adopted the more global metric system fifty years ago. Back then, I was living with Joan, a friend from my Willard Hall days in downtown Toronto. I clearly remember her confidently declaring that she would not be ‘converting’. She was determined to abandon any previous knowledge of Imperial and declare herself wholely and utterly now in the…

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