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They’ve just added another questionable chore to our beauty regimen . . . scalp exfoliation!

This should come as a surprise to no one, but the beauty industry has miraculously come up with another new product they insist needs our immediate attention. Get your credit cards out girls. In order to constantly create demand for useless and questionable beauty treatments, clever product lines are continually being introduced as new and improved, now with blowfish and fairy wing DNA, or, cleaner,…

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And . . . she’s out of the gate!

After months in lockdown, my credit card was begging, gasping for air. So, when Nordstrom emailed me to announce they had reopened their Sherway Gardens store in Toronto’s west end after three months in COVID darkness, plans for my coming-out began. They missed me! What to wear? What time of day is best to go? Will their café be open for lunch? Will they be…

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