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What’s in your future? To bra or not to bra?

If the past two years have done nothing else, they’ve relieved our entire gender, fifty percent of the population, of the encumbrances of wearing a bra. Underwires in particular are the devil’s work. Locked down and isolated, we’ve dressed for supreme comfort and it’s been divine. Even women who are still working and subject to online zoom meetings have been able to angle the camera…

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As the world opens up once again, here’s how fashion retailers can attract more customers

Are fashion retailers reading BOOMERBROADCAST and actually paying attention? A full-page write-up a while ago in The Globe and Mail, Video Fashion, by Odessa Paloma Parker got me thinking that somewhere, someone might actually be recognizing that consumers are where the money is in retail. It’s a shocking realization, don’t you think? In the eight years that I’ve been blogging, retailers and department stores, in…

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Now is the time to support independent fashion boutiques

The pandemic has shuttered thousands of businesses but despite the odds, there are many independent small boutiques that are managing to survive. They’ve developed a loyal customer base and are employing creative marketing techniques to stay viable. I admire their stamina and appreciate their importance to local communities. These shops deserve our loyal support and encouragement. Many small businesses have created online videos and helpful…

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Are baby boomer names becoming trendy again?

An article in The New York Times Magazine titled Name Days on February 28th by Linda Kinstler, made a shocking revelation. Kinstler’s parents were Latvian immigrants and in order to ensure their daughter was easily accepted and assimilated into the American way of life, they decided to give her a thoroughly pronounceable, spellable, and American name—Linda. What is unusual and even shocking about this choice…

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