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Will the cosmetics marketers succeed in sucking me in again?

This time for sure I’m going to resist the sirens’ call of cosmetics industry marketers. A couple of years ago I posted a piece about how many unused and unsuitable makeup and skincare products I had stashed in my bathroom cupboards that I finally purged to make room for more. It is soooo hard to not get sucked into “new and improved” or the marketers’…

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Viewing Paris as a street-walker

There are streetwalkers and there are people who walk the streets, which I had the pleasure of doing for the first two weeks of June. Paris is an incredibly walkable city. Of course, it helps if you’re in shape and are wearing comfortable shoes, but getting around is easy on foot or with the help of convenient public transit. During my two-week stay at a…

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I went to Paris and all I bought was . . . almost nothing!

I tried. I really tried to spend money in Paris while attending a week-long women’s writing retreat this month. After all, at my age, there aren’t many years left to treat ourselves to something we’ve always wanted. This summer is a big deal in our house. I turn seventy-five; my husband turns eighty, and we celebrate our twentieth wedding anniversary so I thought a splurge…

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What’s hiding under your man’s jeans?

Marketing types (I confess, I was once one of them,) are always looking for new and innovative ways to sell us consumer goods or services we do not want or need. Scalp exfoliators? New and improved versions of questionable face creams and cosmetics? Remember leg warmers? Well, now, they’ve decided to take on men’s underwear. They have spied a potential opportunity to convince men and…

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Vogue: I told you so. And, THE NEW YORK TIMES agrees with me

When my magazine addiction was at its peak a few years ago, I subscribed to eighteen (Yes! 18) print magazines per month. And, I loved every single glossy, advertising-laden page. In my next life, I planned to be reborn as a magazine editor. I’m now down to a manageable half a dozen print publications per month as well as RED Magazine which I get online…

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What’s in your future? To bra or not to bra?

If the past two years have done nothing else, they’ve relieved our entire gender, fifty percent of the population, of the encumbrances of wearing a bra. Underwires in particular are the devil’s work. Locked down and isolated, we’ve dressed for supreme comfort and it’s been divine. Even women who are still working and subject to online zoom meetings have been able to angle the camera…

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