Have Harry and Meghan overplayed the pity card?

The scrutiny cannot
be underestimated!

I try to avoid writing about celebrity culture because it’s a boring and superficial subject but after watching the first four episodes of Harry and Meghan on Netflix, I thought I would toss out my opinion for what it’s worth.

Every family, every business enterprise, and every institution that ever existed has behind-the-scenes problems. Some are political; some involve personality conflicts. There are philosophical, fiscal, and practical challenges everywhere. As we well know, the royal family is not exempt.

Apparently, Harry and Meghan received $100 million from Netflix for the series. That should allow them to pay for their nannies, keep Meghan in her favourite $110.00 per bottle Tignanello wine, and still have enough left over to buy a little pied à terre so they will no longer have to live off the generosity of rich friends. Shades of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, all those years ago.

They are allowed to state their case and they have accomplished it. The Netflix series is a self-serving, sucky interpretation of their love story told from their own perspective. Good for them. Now, I would like to see them quietly disappear and go about their charitable works without moaning and whining about how difficult life in the public eye can be. We get the message.

No family is exempt from some kind of conflict, including the royal family.

Watching the series absolutely generates sympathy for the couple. Who wouldn’t sympathize with their difficulties with the paparazzi? They are a lovely, likable couple. And, who among us does not have members of our family or social circle whose opinions and principles do not align with our own? Get any family together for Christmas or a wedding and there is always the obnoxious uncle or cousin who spouts a racist, homophobic or bigoted point of view. The world is not a perfect or fair place and never will be.

I do recommend watching Harry and Meghan. You may be as surprised as I was at how articulate they both are but there’s a strong underlying current of “poor me”. The earlier Oprah interview was cringe-worthy and I expected better of Oprah. She led them into gossipy subjects that did nothing to enhance their image. The Netflix series is somewhat more palatable than the Oprah interview but I’m tired of the boo-hoo-ing and would just like this bright young couple to get on with their good work, whatever that entails.

We all have family problems and we all have to work for a living, often at jobs that are humiliating, difficult, and unrewarding. While trying to live your life in the public eye comes with its own special challenges, that’s life and life is not easy, especially when you are on the receiving end of death threats. Of course, they want to protect their children from similar abuse.

Enough said. We get the message.

I have not watched the final two episodes of the series but I have a feeling it will be more of the same, or even worse. I can only bear an hour at a time of the soppiness. Now that they’ve told their story from their own point of view, could we please put it to bed? They have advantages, privileges, and the ability to handle life’s difficulties that far exceed our own and it’s time they quit complaining.

The Sussexes are going to have to figure out a way to quietly earn a living doing their good work without capitulating to the publicity they claim to despise. Harry also has a book coming out in 2023. Personally, I just wish he would give the publisher back the advance and shelf the entire project.

Harry and Meghan are good people with the best of intentions who have been treated harshly in the media and perhaps by the royal family. But, I think they have overplayed the sympathy card.  What is your take on the Harry and Meghan series. Am I being too harsh? Let me know in the “Comments” below. Thanks.


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Ed Thompson
Ed Thompson
11 months ago

Lynda, you confirm what I thought I already knew!
Perhaps another pair of spoiled brats who think they’re celebrity status impresses us. Sorry, not for me.
My heroes are Terry Fox, Davey Keon, Mitch Marner and the like !😀

Fauzia Irshad
Fauzia Irshad
11 months ago

I cannot agree with you more. I did not watch the series The poor royals !!!!

Gail Czopka
Gail Czopka
11 months ago

For a couple who wanted their privacy, this is an odd way to go about it. Why they think they have to explain their position is beyond me. Let it go and, as the British say “carry on”. I’m not going to watch the series as I totally agree….. They have definitely overplayed their sympathy card.