Join me for a taste of Paris café life in the beautiful month of June

Visiting Paris is an opportunity to savour some of the most wonderful food on the planet. When I visited for two weeks in early June, I made up my mind ahead of time that I was not going to deny myself any of their culinary treats and I followed through on that promise. I erased carb and calorie-counting entirely from my vocabulary and opened the door to desserts and bread, figuring I’d deal with the weight gain when I got home. From French baguettes and chocolate chaud to delicious wines, I sampled as many sinful Parisian taste treats as I could manage during my stay and most often from a seat at an outdoor café.

During the course of my stay in Paris, we visited local cafés as often as three or four times a day. Who wouldn’t? Mid-morning coffee/tea/hot chocolate break, outdoor lunch, and mid-afternoon wine-tasting rest break, often followed by a fourth stop for dinner. It was a rough life.

Upon my arrival in the Marais district, minus my luggage (they left half the plane's luggage behind in Toronto!!) I meandered up Blvd. Voltaire from my hotel for my first taste of Paris. My choice of a wonderfully tasty Asian dish called a Poké bowl was loaded with fluffy rice, marinated vegetables, mango, smoked salmon, and avocado, washed down with a delicious Sancerre. Great start.
What could be better than a picnic in the afternoon shade of Tuileries Gardens sipping rose tea accompanied by macarons from the famous Laduree bakery in Place Vendome, and special fruit and almond cake made from Marie Antoinette's favourite recipe.
A famous French television news anchorwoman was seated nearby during our lunch at Grace Cafe.
The menu selections at Grace Cafe were all fresh and delicious. My own lunch was chicken thigh with fingerling potatoes and fresh asparagus and arugula - or as they call it, rocket. I loved the little canvas bag that was used to serve the crusty baguettes, which as you can see did not last long at our table.
This is the café where we were sitting sharing a banana split and a pot of tea when the van loaded with giant teddy bears drove by. We had just come from a competitive game of petangue (comparable to Italian boules) we played in an old Roman-era outdoor arena. We were still proudly wearing our silver medals, having come second in a two-team competition. Competitive sports always ensure I have a bad-hair day.
Dinner at this friendly Rue Cler restaurant was a total delight thanks not only to great food, but a wonderful waiter who totally pampered our table of eight women, and that's in a city where tipping is not necessary because wait staff are paid fair wages.
Have you ever been served a cocktail in a sea shell nestled in black sand? After leaving our Rue Cler restaurant we made an evening stop at a luxury hotel for a sampling of exotic drinks.
You may recognize Au Vieux d'Arcole the famous Parisian cafe on Île de la Cité from tourist and promotional photos of Paris. We enjoyed an incredible lunch on the second floor.
We enjoyed a romantic lunch for eight on the second floor of Au Vieux Paris.
Even the dishes were beautiful with delicate butterflies, fruit, and flowers. When I got home I Google'd the name of the china manufacturer but that pattern had been discontinued.
We spent a delicious hour enjoying afternoon tea with gateau chocolat and citron tarte in Rodin's garden.
No visit to Paris would be complete without a stop at Carette in Place des Vosges for their chocolat chaud.
I have never in my life been served such decadent hot chocolate. Melted milk chocolate is slowly poured from a silver pot filling your cup only half-full to make room for globs of fresh whipped cream visible in the lower left foreground.You spoon the cream onto the top, stir it very gently so you can sip through the cream or eat it with a spoon. It's a meal in itself.
For our last night together as a group we took an evening dinner cruise along the Seine. When the boat circled back later in the evening we were treated to a spectacular light show on the Eiffel Tower.

About that budgeted-for weight gain? I didn’t gain a pound. Stayed exactly the same, a miracle I attribute to the fact I was walking all day every day. Maybe there really is something to what they say about that exercise thing.

Yes or no to more pictures of Paris?

Nothing is worse than looking at someone else’s vacation pictures and I do not want to bore my BoomerBroadcast readers. Have you seen enough pictures of my writers’ retreat in Paris or do you think you can take one more installment? 

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1 year ago

Keep the photos and commentary coming…enjoying them both!

1 year ago

Definitely more. Your photos are top quality and interesting.

1 year ago

I’m very much enjoying your pictures. Please continue to show them. I also love the commentary with each photo