The year 2020 gave us a slap upside the head and a dose of 20/20 vision

Thank heaven 2020 is finally over. I can hear the world rejoicing. The past year hasn’t been a complete disaster though. We’ve learned to slow down and live life differently. On a personal level, there are so many other things I’ve learned over the past year that will enhance my life going forward.

  • “Affluenza” is a terrible affliction. We haven’t been able to prowl the malls with the same carefree attitudes as B.C. (before COVID) so we’ve not only reduced our spending but we’ve become much more selective about what we do spend our hard-earned dollars on. And we’ve saved money.
  • Most of us have learned for sure whether we really do or do not love our partners. Being confined with those we love for extended periods of time can be a challenge and the ultimate test. Hopefully, your relationship fared as well as ours did. Well, except for when hubby has computer, printer or television technical problems, then I’m ready to run away and self-quarantine in Nunavik. We still love each other and have shared many laughs, intimate moments, and conversations that might not have happened otherwise.
  • Snail mail is actually a wonderful thing. Not every communication benefits from being texted, emailed or Zoom’d. This year, I found the simple sending and receiving of Christmas cards to be particularly rewarding. A friend did the artwork for our customized cards and I knew the people I sent them to would appreciate the effort it took to get the cards printed, write them out, buy the stamps, and walk them to the mailbox. It’s so lovely to receive mail that isn’t marketing flyers or bills, isn’t it? I especially enjoyed all the lovely cards I received by good old-fashioned snail mail this year and put them up around the house to admire over the holidays.
  • My 25-year-old bread machine still works. Going to the grocery store has been fraught with risk this year, so I hauled my old bread machine up from the basement and have enjoyed what I’ve baked. Admittedly, it’s not as good as the incredible sourdough my friend Terry spends two or three full days making, but my effort still counts as pretty good.

    My old bread machine still works.
  • Our pets have enjoyed the benefits of our extended at-home time and we’ve soaked up their unlimited affection. Theoretically, there should be no excuses for bad pet manners or inappropriate behaviour with all the extra time we’ve had for training, but who can fault us for all the extra loving and cuddling we’ve lavished on them. We’ve all benefited.
  • My technology skills have improved. I now know how to deposit cheques into my bank account by taking pictures of them with my iPad mini. That’s just mind-blowing. We’ve also mastered UberEats.
  • I’ve discovered that no one cares if I don’t get my regular mani-pedi. Same with shaving my legs. Although, admittedly, the world would be a better place if I did attend to these little rituals.
  • After going braless for most of 2020, we can confirm that bras really are the devil’s work. How are we ever going to go back to wearing them again?

There are obviously many tragic stories and downsides to the past few months, but there’s merit in focussing on the positive aspects of our experience. I’ve been able to read all the books my heart desires without feeling guilty about not being more productive. I’ve become so much more satisfied with the gifts life has bestowed on me and more sensitive to those who are not as fortunate.

I think we’ve all come to have a greater appreciation for the gift of life. Slowing down and being more contemplative has been a balm for our souls even though it’s taken a toll on our waistlines. We’ll remember the year 2020 with mixed feelings for the rest of our lives. Let’s focus on the positive as we look forward to 2021. Be kind, Be safe. Stay healthy. Happy New Year mes très chères.

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2 years ago

So well put Lynda. There has indeed, been some positives which I think you have covered very well.
My biggest take away is a whole new appreciation for family and friends, whether I can see them or not.
Heres to a brighter 2021, 🥂

2 years ago

Took the words right out of my mouth….