For happy feet, check out Sheec

When boomer gals find something good, we share the news.

When Boomer gals are on to a good thing, we share. We can learn so much from new sources that didn’t exist a generation ago—like our blogging friends, You-Tube and of course, OK Google. We have online bookclubs that recommend good reads. New moms share coping strategies on mommy sites to help them get through the day. Cooks share recipes and fashionistas share beauty tips.

Baby boomer gals share everything. Several of the online boomer fashion bloggers have given me some excellent ideas and tips that I’ve incorporated into my daily life. This has been such a valuable resource since fashion magazines and retailers seem to ignore us.

A recent example of this sharing of good information came from one of the boomer fashion bloggers I follow. Unfortunately, despite searching zillions of previous posts I can’t find where the original recommendation came from but I’m happy to share what she shared. (If you’re reading, whoever you are, let me know and I’ll give full credit.)

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been comfortable putting bare feet into good shoes. I like to wear a thin liner to keep the shoe from rubbing and causing blisters, and to protect the leather. After spending my entire life wearing annoying shoe liners or footlets as we used to call them, I’ve now found a brand that absolutely does not slip off my heel and bunch up inside my shoe.

The brand is called Sheec and I love them so much, after I wore them the first couple of times, I went on line and ordered more. At around $11.00 U.S. a pair they’re not cheap, but they’re amazing and so worth the money. I photographed my own feet in Sheec liners and was so horrified by the veiny old-lady feet that turned up in the pictures, that I decided you’d be further ahead just seeing Sheec’s online examples. Didn’t want to turn you off.

Even the ultra lowcut style stays put.

They frequently offer promotions and free delivery on certain orders. I absolutely do not get any commission or benefit from recommending Sheec liners. As I said, we boomer gals like to share when we’re on to a good thing, and these are a very good thing.

I’ve purchased and worn both the ultra lowcut for wearing with flats and the midcut for wearing with sneakers or other shoes, in both black and nude. Both styles and colours are perfection. Here’s a link to the site if you want to check them out and place an order.

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3 years ago

Hi Lynda. Thanks for the recommendation. I found these socks on Amazon and they were for pairs for $9.99. I wore them today inside a pair of deck shoes and later in bowling shoes. They were terrific. They didn’t move on my feet at all. Great new product.

Ms Liz
3 years ago

Thank you for sharing this sock brand as I am definitely going to order some. Socklets that move around while I am (trying) to walk drive me nuts. I have been wearing Smart Wool Secret Sleuth which were recommended by another blogger. They come in sizes (Yay – I have small feet) and work well in more athletic slip ons but not so much in dressier shoes. These look like just the trick.

3 years ago

Thanks for the info….Sketchers makes something similar….also Converse make a cotton sock for low cut runners. Saves runners or shoes from getting too smellie or getting blisters. Really just a new and improved footlet.

Gail from Oakville

Perry McEwen
Perry McEwen
3 years ago

A great tip. Have taken note. Thanks.