Should we allow Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft to get off with a time-out?

It’s obviously not as easy as it looks getting a date when you’re the billionaire owner of an NFL team.

When I saw the picture in The New York Times of the “Day Spa” where Patriots’ football team owner Robert Kraft met his Waterloo the other day, I was amazed at how innocuous the storefront appeared. Situated in a nondescript suburban strip plaza, the spa advertised waxing and facial treatments as well as the more nebulous services of massage therapy and body treatments. Yikes! I could have easily entered such a place to get my eyebrows waxed without knowing it was fronting a “rub n’ tug”. Life’s full of risks.

In case you’re not familiar with the story, Kraft was arrested getting his hot rocks off at such an establishment last week. Not only did he get a penalty for holding but the shakedown unleashed an entire snake pit of charges including human trafficking. While I don’t deny these places often harbour any number of illegal activities, the darker side of these establishments is not what I would like to address today.

As a 77-year-old billionaire widower, I would have thought Kraft could be a bit more discriminating though about where he sourced his time-outs. There are endless women who would have come to his home and offered discreet services in return for a gold Rolex or perhaps season tickets to Patriot games. Hell, he probably even has a Superbowl ring or two he wouldn’t miss if he gifted it to someone special. Pee Wee Herman was similarly demonized and blackballed for enjoying himself a bit too much in a theatre. And boomer women forgave Hugh Grant for his famous indiscretion years ago. We only wish he’d picked one of us for some quality time. We’ll never understand why these men of means do such stupid things. Perhaps it really does have something to do with the location of their brains.

Readers of Boomerbroadcast know I’m no fan of football but sometimes when you’re scrambling in the end zone and no one is blocking, you’re entitled to late-in-the-game touchdown. I’ve been known to bee-line it pretty quickly to the nearest Dairy Queen when I’m feeling that irresistable urge for a Blizzard, so how is this any different? I think he deserves credit for still having an interest in scoring long after his best season is behind him. Let him enjoy the game while his contract still stands. Or maybe Mr. Kraft really was just trying to get his eyebrows waxed and his nostrils trimmed. When I think of how I could have just as easily been in that place at that time waiting my turn for a therapeutic mini-massage with a happy ending, well, it’s just plain scary. Next time I go for a facial perhaps I should check out the activity in the other treatment rooms before I lay my money down. Let’s give the guy a break. A time-out is more than enough. And be careful out there ladies.

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Margaret Dickson
Margaret Dickson
4 years ago

Yup, you can’t fix stupid. If it is proven he has no financial interest in the establishment give him a time out and the guys, the trash magazines, newspapers and CNN, SNL etc will give him plenty of grief!