Please tell me I’m not the only Ontario taxpayer who is enraged and disgusted that $3.7 million was paid to the Teachers’ Union for negotiation costs. What on earth are union dues (which are no small sum) for? What’s next? We pay the autoworkers to negotiate with GM? That’s too much pizza for my taste. What planet does our Ontario Liberal government hail from? Certainly not the real world. And don’t get me started on Ontario Hydro/OPG! Contact your local MPP and set them straight.

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  1. Unbelievable….. these politicans have all lost track of where this money is coming from…. and it’s not a money tree.

    1. We spoke to our investment advisor today and she said new Liberal federal govt and provincial Liberals sets us up for three-year downturn in Canadian markets. They’re just not fiscally responsible.

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What planet does Kathleen Wynn’s government come from?

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