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This Animal Shelter Offers Pet Delivery To Offices To Reduce Stress And Help Animals Find Homes

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The niece of a Boomer girlfriend has a pet-sitting/dog-walking business. Just had to share this from her blog.


The future is now. The Humane Society Of Broward County, an animal shelter in southeastern Florida, has launched a service called “Snuggle Delivery” that delivers shelter animals for hour-long visits to workplaces in sore need of cuteness, snuggles and friendship.

The visits (which require a minimum donation of $150) help both the animals and the people they visit – the animals get socialized and get to meet new potential owners, while the offices they visit become cuter, friendlier and more stress-free while the animals are there. The animals are all spayed and neutered already, and are delivered together with documents that would-be adopters can sign on the spot.

The service is currently only available in southeast Florida, but we hope that other shelters will soon follow their example!

More info: | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


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One thought on “This Animal Shelter Offers Pet Delivery To Offices To Reduce Stress And Help Animals Find Homes

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