Hey! I’m Canadian eh!

Ain't she sweet!
Ain’t she sweet!

In case you hadn’t heard, the 2015 winner of the Westminster Kennel Club’s annual show in New York is a four-year-old Canadian beagle named Miss P and she’s from Enderby, British Columbia. What a coup for Canadian breeders. Unfortunately, hardly anyone knows about her provenance. In all the press and television announcements in the United States, they conveniently omit the fact that the dog is Canadian. I guess they’re recovering from the shock that it wasn’t an American canine who stomped over all contenders. And like most Canadians, Miss P is sweet-natured, pretty and not at all showy like those weirdly clipped poodles or graceful Afghans.

Being chosen “best of the best” from a final short-list of about three thousand dogs of all breeds is an amazing accomplishment. We’re so darned proud of our little Miss P we could burst, but bragging is just not the Canadian way. And, sadly, she will now spend the rest of her life pregnant so the dog breeding world can make money on her blood line. And this, while shelters and kennels are overflowing with thousands/millions of dogs who need good homes. Hmmm. . .

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Deb Rennie
Deb Rennie
8 years ago

Lynda you are so right. Having had beagles growing up I love them. Until I read your post I had no idea she was from Canada. Why would I, as this rather significant piece of information was not mentioned. Gee, what a surprise! Eh!!