I know somebody who knows somebody who’s a somebody

Celeb stylist Brad Goreski still takes time to visit his grandmother in Port Perry, Ontario where he grew up.
Celeb stylist Brad Goreski still takes time to visit his grandmother in Port Perry, Ontario where he grew up.

There’s an old song from 1927, “I’ve danced with a man who’s danced with a girl who’s danced with The Prince of Wales”? I can make a similar claim, although several degrees removed from The Prince of Wales. My friend MaryAnne’s nephew is Brad Goreski, a stylist-to-the-stars and TV personality who is joining The Fashion Police beginning January 11th. Brad grew up in Port Perry, Ontario and still has that small-town charm and Canadian sensibility, except when it comes to his fashion sense where he’s over-the-top.

Leaving Port Perry for Toronto then Los Angeles and New York to seek his unconventional fortune when he finished high school, Brad soon became recognized as someone with genuine talent and flair. After getting a degree in Art History, studying fashion and working for a while with Vogue magazine and Rachael Zoe, Brad branched off on his own and soon landed such high-profile clients as Demi Moore, Jessica Alba and Christina Ricci. He’s also the official stylist for Kate Spade New York.

brad2Brad shares his life with long-time partner Gary Janetti, one of the brilliant writers for Will & Grace, and their dog, Penelope. In 2012 he published his autobiography, “Born To Be Brad: My Life and Style So Far” and had his own reality show “It’s a Brad Brad World” on Bravo TV. In his book Brad describes his father taking his little lace-gloved hand in his when he was eight years old and going out on Halloween as Madonna.

Now, with his new job on Fashion Police and all his high-profile clients I guess that means that now he’ll never have time to come to my place, edit my closet and set me straight on my own personal fashion do’s and don’ts. I’ll never know for sure if these shoes make my ass look fat. Nevertheless, I’m thrilled as can be that I know somebody whose nephew is a somebody, even though I’m not.

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Lynda Davis
8 years ago

Reblogged this on BOOMERBROADcast and commented:

Here’s an interview with (allow me to name drop here) Brad Goreski, my girlfriend MaryAnne’s nephew. Brad recently became one of the hosts of Fashion Police bringing his Canadian sensibility (he grew up in Port Perry) and strong stylist credentials to the show. He recently did an interview with the Los Angeles Times. Here’s the link: http://www.latimes.com/fashion/la-ig-brad-goreski-interview-20150208-story.html#page=1


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8 years ago

I also knew someone who knew Brad