victoriaIt seems they’re not listening to me so I’m going to keep condemning companies that continue to glorify grossly Photoshopped, tall thin bodies as being the ideal. Not surprisingly, Victoria’s Secret is taking a lot of heat about their new campaign entitled “The Perfect Body” that shows unrealistic body shapes as being the standard perfect body we should all strive for. While I never shop at Victoria’s Secret as I’m not a fan of their frou frou frillies and the uncomfortable fit, I think they’re losing hundreds of thousands of potential customers by focusing solely on young women who are thin and tall with weird globe-shaped surgically enhanced breasts. I know many Baby Boomer Broads who never enter their stores because they know they’ll never find something that fits and is flattering.

There are millions of women out there would like to find nice lingerie for real bodies.
There are millions of women out there would like to find nice lingerie for real bodies.

While it’s tempting to say that portraying these so-called perfect bodies in advertising is understood by consumers as not being realistic and are designed to enhance the products, I don’t “buy” it. Dove soap has done very well by featuring real women in their advertising.

As a retired corporate marketing professional I would like to make a suggestion. Imagine if Victoria’s Secret marketed to every woman regardless of skin colour, weight, length of hair or height. Imagine if they said whatever your size and shape we can make you feel beautiful. It’s not a radical theory and I’d love to see it in advertising. Maybe then the hundreds of thousands (or more accurately millions) of Baby Boomer women might be inclined to walk into a Victoria’s Secret. It’s harmful to all women and we don’t want our daughters and granddaughters to be constantly told they’re not good enough unless they are tall and thin. I urge you to speak up and let them know they’re way off base and we don’t like it one little bit. Here’s a link to a petition to get them to stop the ads.

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Click on the link to order directly.

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