These boots are made for workin’

Sometimes entering a radio contest pays off as it did for me a couple of weeks ago when I e-mailed my entry to a contest on Sirius Satellite’s What She Says program that runs every morning on CBC Talk Radio, Channel 167 starting at 10:00 a.m. I always enjoy the topics covered by hosts Kate Wheeler, Christine Bentley and Sharon Caddy Their guests are interesting and the topics of discussion are of interest to women as well as men. In promoting a line of work boots designed specifically for women, they were offering a free pair to the person who submitted the best reason for why they should win. Here’s what they said:



This contest entered the construction phase with the appearance of our guest Marissa McTasney, the inspirational entrepreneur who told us her story of ditching corporate world high heels for the trade’s world work boots … only to find out there was no such thing as women’s work boots! Marissa is now President of Moxie Trades Ltd. whose first product was the Iconic Pink Work Boot for WOMEN! You can check out the entire line of women’s safety apparel now available at

Well, we were so inspired here at What She Said Radio by Marissa’s story that we challenged our subscribers to SHOW US THEIR MOXIE and that is exactly what our winner Lynda Davis of Mississauga did! This is what she told us…

” As someone who spent most of my career in the construction industry it was always frustrating to me that I had to buy MEN’S size 4 safety boots, which were nearly impossible to source in the days before the internet. I looooooove these boots – just wish they’d been available years ago. As a cool, rockin’ Boomer chick I’d really do them justice. Everyone would stop me and ask where I got those boots (Amelia boots) and I’d be your best promoter.” Here is a picture of Lynda Davis wearing her men’s size 4 safety boots. We are sure you will all agree how amazing she will look in her brand new black Amelia work boots – with pink laces of course!

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Josee-Amelia-3_4-single-Right-Shoe_900x900Congratulations Lynda, we know that you will absolutely rock these $180 Amelia work boots and since the foundation of What She Said Radio is all about interviewing, informing and inspiring women all across the nation, we encourage you to promote the heck out of these Amelia Boots and Moxie Trades Ltd. to help us build a strong community of women helping women!
And here I am a couple of weeks later in my new Moxie boots. Although they have safety toes and are shock-resistant, they’re not just for working—with a choice between hot pink or black laces, they’re suitable for both informal and formal wear. Rock on!


  1. Joni Picco (nee Duff) August 19, 2014 at 9:44 pm

    Hi Linda….just read this article & had to chuckle…..I had to wear men’s size 4 boots during my time in the Military. No such thing as “women’s” boots!! Come to think of it…..also had to wear men’s combat clothes…..none of those in women’s style either!!! Good thing my “dress” uniform was styled for women!! Love your blog, cuz!!

    1. Lynda Davis August 20, 2014 at 9:23 am

      Hard to believe they don’t realize there’s a second sex who needs to be outfitted. Thanks for your comment, Joni. Nice to know you’re reading and I’m not wasting my time.

        Lynda Davis Follow my blog at: Social commentary on life from a Boomer’s Broad’s perspective


  2. Brenda from Warkworth August 18, 2014 at 2:53 pm

    With the number of people that read your blog, you just gave them $180+ in advertising!

  3. Gail from Oakville August 18, 2014 at 9:55 am

    Love the outfit you chose to model your new boots ,,,,this is so you. You go girl 😉


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