Coming soon – Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin should offer up plenty of relatable lifestyle issues for Boomers.
Sensitive Skin should offer up plenty of relatable current lifestyle issues for Boomers.

Mark your calendars and plan to enjoy a glass of wine while you watch HBO Canada on Sunday, July 20th at 8:00 p.m. That’s the launch of a new Canadian series that’s sure to appeal to Boomer Broads.

Sensitive Skin” is based on the original British series starring Joanna Lumley (one of my absolutely fabulous favourite actors) about a boomer-age couple who sell their family home and transition into a new lifestyle in a hip condo in downtown Toronto. Sound familiar?

The series stars Canadians Kim Cattrall (of Sex & The City) with Don McKellar as her husband. An early trailer I saw on TV showed Kim’s character peering like a helpless child above the pharmacist’s counter begging him to renew her prescription for HRT. Don’t you just love it already?

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