Watch what you feed your best friend

Pet food and treats is an issue that seems to be worth mentioning again as I just read that Costco is still carrying pet treats that have

Don't take a risk and do not always believe pet food labelling.
Don’t take a risk and do not always believe pet food labelling.

been responsible for kidney failure in animals. There are a number of treats that should be avoided but the most problematic seem to be the ones imported from Asia. There are no federal controls on the content or labelling of pet foods and treats so be very careful about what you feed that special member of your family.

I personally know two people who have had their little dogs die from kidney failure after eating dried chicken and duck tenders that were labelled 100% chicken or duck product. There are plenty of recipes on the internet for making your own dog treats that are not difficult. Cesar Milan, Martha Stewart and any number of other sites offer recipes for you to try. And a Canadian or American distributor does not necessarily mean the product was made in Canada or the United States so it pays to be vigilant.

Please take the time to read this link. And while I’m at it, I’m including a link from a vet about things that annoy him.

We all want to be responsible pet owners and keep our pets living a long and healthy life.

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