I did it. You’re welcome.

Today as I was standing in the supermarket-style lineup to check out at the Hudson’s Bay store in Square One in Mississauga, Hudsons BayI heard an announcement that nearly knocked me on saggy old fanny. “Attention shoppers. If you cannot find the size you need in our store, we will search other Hudson’s Bay locations and have it sent to your home” or words to happy computer userthat effect. I’m convinced this small step toward customer service is entirely a result of my blog in November gently advising the retail industry how they could improve business, followed by my  Retail Rant Hits Home blog. After all, I’m also convinced that millions read my blog and take action when required. The store manager actually responded to my e-mail at the time which impressed this old broad to no end.

One tiny glitch in today’s transaction (which is a fairly significant one) is that the cashier failed to give me my Bay Day 25% discount on the clearly marked sale price and charged me full price for both items. My bringing it to her attention—despite the fact the store is emblazoned with red and white banners and sale signs—reduced my final bill by 50%.happy shopper

We’re making progress Boomer Broads, one small step at a time. Perhaps some day Hudson’s Bay stores will have enough staff that the sales associate will have the time to walk around the counter, hand me my bag, smile and say thank you. Let’s just say, I too have a dream.

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9 years ago

I am sure that it was your influence that brought about this monumental upgrade in service at The Bay! Or just maybe more people are starting to make demands and they are listening – haven’t checked their shares recently… hm-m-m-m! Brenda

Lynda Davis
9 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Don’t underestimate the power of old ladies – we’ll keep working at getting those stock prices up.

Gail Czopka
Gail Czopka
9 years ago

Canadian retail needs to take some lessons from US retail. Several US stores (Stein mart, JC, Benton) will ask if you have their promotional coupon….. when I said no, they just pulled one out from behind the counter and gave me my discount….. it keeps me going back. Canadian Michael’s Crafts is the worst for their damn coupons….I no longer shop there.

Good for you fir keeping these corporations on their toes….. you give yourself an “atta boy” pat on the back 😊


Lynda Davis
9 years ago
Reply to  Gail Czopka

Appreciate your support, girlfriend.

Sent from my iPad Lynda Davis